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Latest News

If you are new to this project please see the Project Introduction


19th July 2010
CAM 2 has gone live for General EI and Mechanical Information
2010 07 19 Initial Post Go Live Review am
2010 07 19 Initial Post Go Live Review pm
Known Issues and Suggestions

14th June 2010
The CAM2 system is now ready for data migration and go-live. The Steering Group met on the 8th June and agreed that go-live would be the 19th July
GY will be assigning data owners who will be responsible for the data migration.
The production system currently holds all of the data that we have been able to migrate to date. The data owners will be working with FoCul to confirm that the data migration schemes are correct and that the system is ready for formal migration on the 17th July.
Where data needs further cleaning FoCul will work with the data owners to make that manual task as easy as possible.
Janet is well underway with the training materials and will be developing a training plan shortly.
The project to migrate documents from W drive will start once the main CAM2 system has been implemented


19th May 2010  
User Acceptance Testing Sessions 1 and 2 have now taken place on 18th and 19th May.

Reservations from session 1 => UAT 2 Test Session 1 Reservations and Comments
Reservations from session 2 =>  UAT 2 Test Session 2 Reservations and Comments
Reservations post UAT2 =>  Reservations post UAT2

7th May 2010  
User Acceptance Testing 1 Session 2 (Trips and Alarms) reservations and comments are here => UAT 1 Test Session 2 Reservations and comments 
see also Pre UAT 2 testing


6th May 2010  
User Acceptance Testing 1 Session1 went very well. The reservations and comments are here => UAT 1 Test Session 1 Reservations and comments
Session 2 is today


22th April 2010 
We have now started internal testing of the application within FoCul. Our current list of reservations / ideas / improvements can be seen here
FoCul Internal Testing Reservations

19th April 2010
User Acceptance Testing has now been scheduled for the 6/7 and 18/19 May.
Richard Deehan and Sam Reeve are managing the Data cleansing operation.


7th April 2010The project surgery on the 30th March was well attended, thanks to those that came along.

Development is coming along very well and UAT 1 is scheduled for w/c  26/4/10. Dave Griffiths will be joining the test team to give a process view.

FoCul has matched as many of the records as possible using a series of programatic techniques and Sam and Richard have been appointed to co-ordinate the remaining manual data cleansing. The target is w/c 10/5/2010.

Two new blank databases have been created by the IT team and we will begin to add the new system to these shortly.

The Project Plan and Test Plan have now been added to the menu on the left of your screen.

The next project surgery is the 27th May.
Sean Cull

19th March 2010
Work is progressing well ( see Key Tasks ) on the project.  With the Data Migration and Workflow engines written our attention is turning to applying these to the user forms.

The core Data Migration Engine and Workflow Engine development has been completed.

The E&I processes have been defined in a workshop on site and these are being developed at the moment.The output from the meetng is in the attachments in this document Protective Systems Failure Reporting Spec
We have uploaded the SAP master records into the CAM1 system to help with the data migration ( see the new CAM2 menu button)

We have written an automated process to match most of the Motors to relevant items of equipment and provided a process for this data to be verified by Luicte
Click here
The first version of the new Motor Data Sheet has been developed and is out for review with the Engineers
The Document Library functionality has been developed and uses the role based workflow engine that will be common to all modules.
E I loop lists have been obtained from the DCS / LIMS and we are looking to match these with Control Valves and Trips next.

26th February 2010
Have held a very useful teleconference with Mick Vaughan - Click here

The Steering Group, Protective Systems Failure Reporting Spec and project surgeries have all been booked - see the Meeting List

Andrew's work is coming on well - see the Key Tasks list

23rd February 2010
Andrew Champion has now developed the Note to File functionality which is one of the corner stones of the  CAM2 system. We will post a short video of this functionality to show how it works.
Project Surgeries have been set up for the following dates. The idea is that these are "drop in" sessions where people can meet Sean Cull and/or Andrew Champion to talk about the functionality in the new system.
see Meeting List

Helen is also scheduling the Protective Systems Failure Reporting Spec meeting and the Steering Group Launch meeting

26th January 2010
Sean Cull and Graham York have held the first TQ review. Maintenance Policies were also discussed and there will be a formal meeting to review this by Mid March

The open TQ is here

20th January 2010
Andrew Champion and I have had our 2 day Developer Technical Briefing workshop on the project specification and development is now scheduled to start at the beginning of February.

Mick Vaughan will be specifying his requirements on the 26/1/2010 DCS / PES Functionality Review and Graham York and I will have the TQ review 01 with Graham York on the 26th as well. The list of open TQs is here
The Risk Register has been updated with some technical risks which we are working through.


15th January 2010
A list of Key Tasks and a Schedule of Meetings have now been drawn up. I am hoping to book these into peoples diaries over the next few weeks.

The Technical Specifications are now well advanced and Andrew and I will be meeting next Tuesday and Wednesday to go through the design in detail

13th January 2010
The CAM replacement project has now been sanctioned. Work is starting to further refine the specification.

A Wiki has been launched ( this web site ) to collect all of the pertinent information together. This is currently available to any user but will be secured with passwords as confidential information is added in the future.
You can get to this wiki by using the address

The FoCul team working on the project will be Sean Cull and Andrew Champion