Bespoke Development

Bespoke Development is our biggest passion here in FoCul. As you can see from the testimonials to the right our experience of real business and industrial environments along with our IT skills, modular systems and customer centric approach means that we can develop very effective and robust bespoke applications that also represent good value.

Since we were founded in 2000 we have developed over 1,000 applications. The vast majority of these are still running today and we work hard to ensure that the learning from each project is incorporated into the next one.

We use a pragmatic but structured project approach with each project going through the following stages

  • Requirements Workshop
  • Proof of Concept
  • Specification
  • Development
  • Internal Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Go live
  • Support
  • In the case of small projects several of these steps might be completed in one or more short meetings or via a web conference, In larger projects a series of workshops may be required just to establish what the requirements for the application are.

    Where appropriate we look to use collaborative software to manage our projects. This real project file is from a project completed in 2011. The collaborative software used in this case is the IBM / OpenNTF XPages Wiki.

    We very strongly believe that we can offer the best total cost for many bespoke development projects. We are happy to split the costs on Proof of Concept work and offer a fixed price or subscription model for many projects. We are also very happy to work alongside your own internal developers in a Hybrid Development model.


    ““Working with FoCul has delivered quality and efficiency improvement to our consultancy processes and services, whilst retaining the ability to customise work processes at short notice to meet specific customer needs

    The benefit has been a 30% efficiency saving, allowing ABB to deliver over £12M of studies more competitively since 2002” 
    David Stanier, Principal Consultant, ABB
    The FoCul electronic Invoice Approval System is an excellent example of how processes can be simplified and improved by changing the conventional ways of doing things.
    Quality Award Citation, Multinational Chemical Company

    “The Manufacturing Information System has become the back bone of our operational communications.

    The automatic dashboard report sets the mood of the whole site in terms of HSEQ and Production performance and requires no additional effort to collate.
    In our Lean Manufacturing environment, we couldn't function effectively without it !!

    FoCul built in flexibility at the concept design stages that has allowed ongoing modifications to adapt to changing demands with minimal effort."

    Operations Manager, Elementis

    "FoCul's key strength is in understanding our manufacturing environment and translating our needs into solutions that really do reduce costs and improve control."
    Stephen Medlock, Senior Engineer, Lucite International
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