There are Pros and Cons to every IT platform and many decisions in an organisation are influenced by external factors such as mergers and acquisitions.

At FoCul we believe passionately that the latest releases of Notes / Domino and the new XPages technology offer a winning combination when it comes to collaborative software. Having said that we are very happy to work with you to implement whatever strategy is right for your business.

Migrating to Notes / Domino / XPages

Migrating your email to Notes is straightforward as there is now good parity between Notes and other email platforms. You can move to "Notes on Premises" or Notes as a hosted service. IBM also provide Notes as a hosted service with the Lotus Live product.

Having moved to Notes / Domino you can then leverage the power of Notes and XPage applications to generate more value inside your business - note that you can use XPage applications independently of Notes.

Migrating away from Notes / Domino

Migration away from Notes mail is very straight forward. The bigger issue is the Notes and Domino Applications - in our experience when the true costs of replacement are determined most Notes applications either get shut down without being replaced or the Domino servers ( and Notes clients ) are left running for many years after the migration has been "completed".

We can help by migrating your Notes applications to XPages and allowing your users to use them via your intranet. We can give the applications the same look and feel as the rest of your intranet and we can configure them to use passwords and permissions from Active Directory.

We can also host your applications or provide our FoCul XPages Appliance ( virtual or physical ) which allows the XPage applications to be deployed and managed via a simple browser interface.


““Working with FoCul has delivered quality and efficiency improvement to our consultancy processes and services, whilst retaining the ability to customise work processes at short notice to meet specific customer needs

The benefit has been a 30% efficiency saving, allowing ABB to deliver over £12M of studies more competitively since 2002” 
David Stanier, Principal Consultant, ABB
The FoCul electronic Invoice Approval System is an excellent example of how processes can be simplified and improved by changing the conventional ways of doing things.
Quality Award Citation, Multinational Chemical Company

“The Manufacturing Information System has become the back bone of our operational communications.

The automatic dashboard report sets the mood of the whole site in terms of HSEQ and Production performance and requires no additional effort to collate.
In our Lean Manufacturing environment, we couldn't function effectively without it !!

FoCul built in flexibility at the concept design stages that has allowed ongoing modifications to adapt to changing demands with minimal effort."

Operations Manager, Elementis

"FoCul's key strength is in understanding our manufacturing environment and translating our needs into solutions that really do reduce costs and improve control."
Stephen Medlock, Senior Engineer, Lucite International
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