• Why Work With Us

    We are different, find out more about why our clients like working with us.

  • We have a unique skill set

    Our team has both experienced Industry Professionals and IT experts

  • We help consultancies make their processes better

    We have a strong track record in helping consultancies to make their processes tangible, more efficient, more robust and accessible to clients via the web

  • We understand how to deliver projects in your environment

    We understand how to work with you to deliver projects without getting in the way of your day to day commitments.

What We Do

Through bespoke and highly configurable off-the-shelf software solutions, FoCul uses Information Technology to increase process efficiency, and harness and share knowledge.  We specialise in engineering, manufacturing and business processes, helping companies become more profitable. Through our deep understanding of industry and technical expertise we are able to:

  • Reduce cost
  • Enhance control
  • Increase competitiveness

Operations Management

Nick Gardener, Risk International

FoCul are so good, why change and risk getting it wrong?More

Engineering Management

J Colin Elliott, PX Limited

FoCul are very customer focused on requirements and delivered to expectations.More

Project Management

Michael Bullard, Max Fordman

Never considered another company; we’re very happy with FoCul. .More

HR Management

Jess Bell,Lucite

FoCul answered questions in my language – practical not technical speak.More

Because the FoCul software team are also experienced engineers they understood exactly what we wanted and even helped us with the specification. the result was rapid development of a practical and easy to use system that will ensure good control of modifications in our safety critical environment.
Nick GardenerHSE ConsultantRisk International