Nice things customers say

A nice way to end the week 🙂

“Working with FoCul has provided a great partnership, improving the ABB processes and services whilst retaining the ability to customise our products at short notice to meet specific customer needs. The benefit has been a 30% efficiency saving, allowing ABB to deliver over £15M of studies more competitively.”

SNTT – getting access to a Git derived nsf/ntf when you are not in the ACL

Sometimes when you pull down a git based Notes design you find that you cannot open the NSF that you have crated from the On Disk Project because you do not have access in the ACL.

Open the folder structure of the ODP at file system level and use a text editor to change the line below.


You then need to refresh the ODP via Package Explorer.

Don’t forget to push this change back to Git or the next person will struggle too.