Imagine Wikipedia for your own Assets – Asset Wiki

Think of Wikipedia but with a secure page for each pump, centrifuge, vessel etc. that you operate.

Now imagine all of the knowledge that you have in your organisation about these assets consolidated onto a single page per item – Root Cause Reports, Maintenance Strategies, Maintenance Plans, Spares Reviews, Criticality Rankings, Build Plans, Inspection Reports, Actions, Historical Costs, Projected Costs, emails etc.

This is Asset Wiki™ – a way of consolidating your asset knowledge into one place so that you and your teams can make better, more informed decisions, more efficiently. Continue reading “Imagine Wikipedia for your own Assets – Asset Wiki”

Introducing the PSM Management of Change for Process Safety Application

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Management of Change Application for Process Safety Application. We are “Engineers who develop Applications for Engineers” and this application has been developed over many years based on our own experience as Engineers, as IT professionals, with feedback from our customers and based on guidance from regulatory bodies.

As Engineers we recognise that there are always opportunities to improve our products so we would be love to hear your ideas and comments on this application. Continue reading “Introducing the PSM Management of Change for Process Safety Application”

URGENT : Chrome Bug 570622 affecting our users – is it affecting yours ?

The bug reported by David Leedy appears to be affecting our users significantly.

Are your users reporting screen freezes in XPage applications in Chrome ?

If so please “star” this bug ( top left corner ) to raise its profile. Even if you are worried that it might affect your users then please “star” this bug.


It has been fixed but it is unclear when it will hit production without enough priority.

There are no symptoms exhibited on the console or in domlog.nsf.

Also note that chrome auto upgrades ( the 27th Jan in this case ) , our enterprise customers started to see this issue this morning.

Thanks, Sean

Update 1 – Google are hoping to provide a fix on Thursday

Update 2 – I have created some instructions for users that you can adapt to suit your own needs.

Update 3 – Wednesday – Google have confirmed that the patch is now being deployed to users 🙂