Action Manager

  • Reduce cost & risk
  • Enhance control
  • Make better use of resources

The FoCul Action Manager application provides a robust system for ensuring that important actions are completed.

Many processes such as Hazops, Root Cause Analysis, Safety Reporting etc. generate important actions that need to be implemented to improve performance or reduce risk. Traditionally these actions have been managed on multiple spreadheets with actionees having to inform a central administrator about changes.

This application has been developed to allow organisations to manage actions more efficiently and more robustly.

Key Functionality

Robust Self Service Workflow Processes

The Action Manager application is secure and robust. Authorised users can create, assign, update and close actions in a fully auditable manner. There are configurable options to use either a simple 3 stage action ( Issue, Accept, Complete ) or a 4 stage process which includes verification.

Dashboards & Reports

The application can provide dashboards of actions by person, team, process, site, status and time frame. The application can also create configurable reports in Excel.

Integration with other applications

The Action Manager can be integrated with other applications using our Activity Manager application to create a consolidated view of actions across the organisation.

Secure On-Premises or Cloud deployment

The application is robust and secure. User permissions can be managed from within the application or can be linked to your Microsoft credentials. The application is available as a browser application or as an IBM Lotus Notes application and can be deployed within your firewalls as an on premises solution or via the cloud as a software as a Service ( SaaS ) solution.

The Benefits

Improved Control & Consistency

The Action Manager application improves control and consistency by ensuring that important actions are completed via a structured process and exceptions can be readily identified and managed.

Improved Efficiency

The Action Manager application improves efficiency by making it easy for actionees to progress actions and for system owners and managers to manage by exception. Actions can be tracked by individual, process, status and due date.

Improved Delegation & Involvement

Having a robust and transparent process for tracking actions means that it is easier to delegate actions to a wider population with confidence. Using the process in this way has allowed organisations to involve operators in the management of procedures and plant modifications

Next Steps

If you are interested in the Action Management application we would be very happy to demonstrate it to you in person or via a web conference. Please give us a call or drop us an email.