Activity Manager

  • Improve the transparency of what individuals and teams need to do
  • Allow process owners to better understand the health of their processes
  • Allow managers to make better use of resources across the whole organisation

The FoCul Activity Manager application aggregates activities ( actions, pending approvals, document reviews etc. ) from multiple systems and provides a single view of what needs to be done by each person.

Key Functionality

Activity Aggregation

The Activity Manager aggregates activities from different processes and presents a unified view of all of the activities across an organisation while still retaining the hyper links to the original applications. The aggregation process is configurable so that attributes such as priority can be mapped into a single uniform scheme.

Dashboards & Reports

The application can provide dashboards of actions by person, team, process, site, status and time frame. The application can also create configurable reports in Excel.

Consolidated Reminders

The application creates configurable email reminders for individual actionees. These emails consolidate reminders for all the relevant actions into one email with hyperlinks to the individual actions.

Secure On-Premises or Cloud deployment

The application is robust and secure. User permissions can be managed from within the application or can be linked to your Microsoft credentials. The application is available as a browser application or as an IBM Lotus Notes application and can be deployed within your firewalls as an on premises solution or via the cloud as a Software as a Service ( SaaS ) solution.

The Benefits

Improved Control & Consistency

The Activity Manager application improves control and consistency by ensuring that important actions are completed via a structured process and exceptions can be readily identified and managed.

Improved Efficiency

The Activity Manager application improves efficiency by making it easy for actionees to progress actions and for system owners and managers to manage by exception. Actions can be tracked by individual, process, status and due date.

Improved Resource Allocation

Allowing users and managers to understand the distribution of activities across an organisation allows activities to be reallocated to make best use of resources. This is particularly useful where people are working on time constrained projects.

Next Steps

If you are interested in the Activity Manager application we would be very happy to demonstrate it to you in person or via a web conference. Please give us a call or drop us an email.