Auditing for IBM Notes mail rules sending emails externally

A customer asked us to help with a tool to audit for mail rules that were forwarding emails externally. I had a look around and found the very good openNTF Mail Rules Analyser application from Thomas Hampel

Having looked at it David Harding and I felt that it was great starting point but we wanted something a bit different that could be used by an auditor without admin access and which showed the history of mail rules.

We modified the application and are hoping to feed back some or all of the changes into the openNTF project. In the mean time you can down load it from this link Mail Rules .


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  1. Hi, I’m trying to scan a single server using your linked version above and it works great until it hits a mail file that it can’t access (our CEO’s, to which no one has access but him and the server) and stops. I can’t scan past his mail file. I’d prefer that it show the error and keep scanning. Is this by design?

    1. Nevermind, I turned on Full Access Admin and was able to scan the whole server. Thanks for the updated version of this nifty tool!

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