Adding a new column to an Excel XML data table

We use XML feeds from our Domino applications to pull data into Excel. Users can right click on the data tables and they get updated from Domino.

The functionality generally works well but if you need to add a new “column” to your XML feed there is no way in Excel to pull this into the data table. You can either start again and pull in a new table or edit the XML files that make up the Excel file. If you already have lots of charts set up then starting again is not an option.

I needed to add a new column today so I thought that I would document what I had to do.

1) save the xlsm file as *.xlsm
2) change the file name to *.zip
3) unzip the contents
4) edit the file “.\xl\xmlMaps.xml” as shown below
5) rezip the file
6) change the file type back to *.xlsm
7) open the spreadhseet
8) use the developer ribbon bar to open the XML source panel
9) drag the new column onto the worksheet





Source Control Disables Some Scheduled Agents in IBM Notes

Just a quick heads up about something that is known about but still catches me out from time to time. It may even be fixed in the latest versions but I can’t find any IBM tech notes on it.

If you have a scheduled agent that is set to run “More than once a day” and “All Day” then when you rebuild it from Source Control the “All Day” property has changed to between 00:00 and 00:00 – which effectively means never.

The solution is to set the “All Day” agents to 00:01 – 23:59 and source control will preserve these values.

Notes designer crashes after resolving conflicts in source control

If you find that your Notes Designer crashes when you try and open an NSF that has recently had conflicts resolved in source control it may be that a view has had the conflict resolution markup added.

This causes a DXL error and crashes designer. Remove the view from the On Disk Project and re-synchronise source control.

Notepad ++ has a useful tool for searching multiple text files.


Quick Tip – passing parameters when using XP:openPage

Just a very quick tip.

If you are using the XPages simple action and you need to pass a parameter via the URL then you can do this. You will need to add it via the source as designer doesn’t support it via the properties.

<xp:openPage name="/xp_f_mod.xsp"
      <xp:parameter name="isRFM" value="Yes">

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