Case Study : Management of Change for Process Safety at PX

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1.    The Challenge

PX Ltd manage the operations and maintenance of the Fellside 188 MW CHP plant providing critical process steam and electricity to the adjacent Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility.

PX Ltd approached FoCul for a browser based solution to manage engineering change at Fellside. The system needed to provide a controlled and auditable process for managing engineering change and needed to allow engineering changes to be managed efficiently within the organisation.

The solution needed to be flexible so that lower risk changes were handled differently from higher risk changes. They also wanted a configurable solution so that workflow and risk assessments could be modified in the future.

Functionality also needed to include managing temporary modifications requiring revalidation every 3 months. Continue reading “Case Study : Management of Change for Process Safety at PX”

Case Study : ABB pRIME Toolkit Application

ABB Case Study

You can download this as a PDF.

1.    The Challenge

ABB asked FoCul to help make their proprietary pRIME© (Process Reliability and Integrity Management Excellence) consulting process more collaborative, consistent and efficient using a software solution.

The pRIME© process requires close collaboration across multiple teams and it was difficult to do this well and consistently using spreadsheets. The volume of information collected in the studies and the detail of the subsequent reports also meant that the reporting phase of the project was very time consuming.

The solution needed to be used by ABB clients working on their own or alongside the ABB experts. It needed to manage, maintain and present large amounts of confidential data from sites globally and to present this information in a structured way to allow end users to make effective decisions. Continue reading “Case Study : ABB pRIME Toolkit Application”

FoCul Introduction to Chemicals North West

This is an extended version ( 20 minutes ) of the presentation that we gave to other members of Chemicals North West.

The presentation includes short presentations of the ABB Risk Based Inspection application, our Management of Change for Process Safety Application and the FoCul Asset Wiki application.

You can skip to the ABB RBI demo by clicking here
You can skip to the MOC demo by clicking here
You can click to the Asset Wiki demo by clicking here


Asset Wiki 3.1 Beta Build Available

The week 3.1 beta version Asset Wiki V3 is now available at

There is obviously more work to do but this beta ( now updated weekly ) will give you an idea how the system will work.

We will add a guide to the features shortly but the key points are :

[checklist icon=”check” iconcolor=”light” circle=”yes” size=”small”]

[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”” circle=”yes” circlecolor=”” class=”” id=””]A dashboard showing key metrics ( configurable )[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”” circle=”yes” circlecolor=”” class=”” id=””]A dedicated Bad Actors dashboard showing items with high spend or maintenance activity[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”” circle=”yes” circlecolor=”” class=”” id=””]An RBM risk grid showing the distribution of items by risk[/li_item]

Try clicking through on the data bars to see the underlying data. You can further refine the data using the search filters on the left hand side of the screen.
This functionality allows us to construct dedicated functionality to suit key business processes whilst still delivering a highly configurable solution rather than a bespoke solution.
[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”” circle=”yes” circlecolor=”” class=”” id=””]Improved Integration with SAP for functional locations and Work order histories[/li_item]

[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”” circle=”yes” circlecolor=”” class=”” id=””]Integration with the AVT  Reliability Machine Sentry application to pull in condition monitoring information[/li_item]

We are now working towards version 3.2 with ABB Inspection being our next deployment

For more information on the Asset Wiki please contact us.


FoCul Best Practice – Faceted Filtering in XPages Using Java Beans

Improved User Experience

We have found that one of the most difficult parts of developing modern XPage applications has been providing the faceted filtering that users expect from modern web apps.

By faceted I mean filtering that is intelligent – If I choose the Ford manufacturer I should not then be presented with choices for models from Audi. Continue reading “FoCul Best Practice – Faceted Filtering in XPages Using Java Beans”