Document Wiki

Document Wiki manages the whole life cycle of controlled documents.

Document Wiki will  :

  • Reduce cost & risk
  • Enhance control
  • Increase Competitiveness

Key Functionality

Document Search

The application allows you to search within both the controlled document and its associated meta data

Document Control Policies

The application allows you to group documents by category and then apply policy rules to those categories. These rules can include approval workflows, re-validation intervals  and notification alerts.

Task Tracking for Document Owners and Approvers

The application generates monthly and weekly reports of the documents that are due for review. These reports are person specific and are automatically emailed to the document authors.

The Benefits

Improved Efficiency

The application significantly improves efficiency by allowing authorised individuals to amend and re-issue documents quickly.

Improved Sharing and Competitiveness

The application allows information to be shared across not just teams but also plants, sites and organisations.

Improved Control, Delegation & Reduced Risk

The application allows you to take the existing best practice processes within the organisation and put them into a robust configurable electronic application that can be easily monitored. Individuals benefit from having consistent and documented best practice processes while team leaders benefit from being able to manage by exception. This approach also opens up significant opportunities to collaborate across broader teams and delegate activities.


Next Steps

If you are interested in this application we would be very happy to demonstrate it to you in person or via a web conference. Please give us a call or drop us an email.