Update – the method does work – see this post. Not sure why the technote says it doesn’t
I have been making some good progress with addressing the SSL issues by using an Apache Server in front of Domino and running on the same box – from a HTTP / HTTPS point f view it is actually pretty straight forward. One rub though is that I wanted to re-use my existing SSL certs
I think I could have done this using Windows XP ( no joke ) and IKeyman to extract the private key from the Keyring as per this technical article from IBM

How to export the private key from a Domino keyfile by using IKEYMAN

Unfortunately this method does not work and has not worked since 6.5 by the looks of it.
Under today’s theme of irony the technote contains a link to the SPR saying that the method in the technote does not work
You really couldn’t make this stuff up