Image:Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Hands Free and FM transmitter ( 7/10  but could so easily have been 10 / 10 )

The Jabra SP700 is a visor mounted bluetooth car kit which also acts as an FM transmitter for a bluetooth A2DP MP3 player e.g. your Blackberry 8310 or similar.

This means that you can listen to your phone calls or your MP3’s on the car radio speakers

The implementation is brilliant in most ways but there are some features which seem to lack thought



Very Effective

Very clear conversations even through the car speakers at speed

Excellent voice dialling on my BB 8310

Eliminates the need for an MP3 transmitter

Cost GBP 40


My BB 8310 will restart the current podcast after I receive a call ( probably a blackberry profile issue )

You need to explicitly activate the FM transmitter with a button when a call comes in if the FM transmitter is not in use. Once you do trigger it it announces the frequency which takes 3 seconds and in that time you cannot hear your call ( you can turn this off but I think you then loose the other quite useful voice prompts )

Unlike some other less feature rich models it does not convert the incoming call number into a name – it just reads out the number

Silly Design Mistakes

The in-car charging cable has a really fiddly plug ( like a small usb but not ) which fits into a recess behind a rubber plug – a frustration when you think that most people will want to charge the device whilst it is still attached to the visor

The device will pair with multiple bluetooth devices but only one at a time. this is not too bad ( although see this one from the competition ) but the frustrating part is that it will only pair automatically with the last device – so if your wife uses it with her phone then you need to go into your phone menu to re connect your device – it would be great if it cascaded through the devices until it found one.

The blue LED which is almost directly in your line of sight needs a piece of tape over it to stop it dazzling you at night – I believe that this can be turned off but you need to download the manual – tape is easier !