FoCul Operations Module

Managing the efficient flow of information and tasks across multiple teams

Why use our Operations module?

Shift work brings particular challenges around managing performance and standards. The Focul Operations module is a reporting and logging tool designed to improve communication and procedural standards across shift teams and other departments that impact production. 

The Operations module allows managers, who are typically day-based, to identify, issue and respond quickly to important tasks requiring their attention, for example safety-critical intervention, or production adjustments as a result of customer request or demand fluctuations. 

It enables shift teams and geographically disparate departments to feel supported and connected. It allows supervisors to quickly disseminate information and be responsive to requests coming from sources outside their team.


FoCul - Operations Module

The ability to set up charts in the FoCul Operations module has really helped us to run the plant more efficiently. We configure charts to suit our needs, which in turn allows us to maximise quality and efficiency easily

Tom Kirman, Operations Engineer, Greenergy

What will the Operations module bring to your business?

Make teams more connected

Break down silos between teams and departments by seamlessly sharing information and allowing them to collaborate so they can meet production targets


Increase accountability

Create tasks for particular team(s) or individuals. The tasks can be viewed against handover logs or accessed from a central repository. Tasks can be created by one team and assigned to another

Trend data

Identify out of spec readings, see trends of measurements over time – for example tank levels, sample readings, KPIs. The data can be gathered by one team and shared with another


Provide robust process and management intervention

Create custom workflow for standard procedures and configure these to ensure management authorisation for safety critical decisions –  for example trip and alarm over-ride


Ensure effective and efficient shift/team handover

Create bespoke handover logs that are optimised for teams to quickly collate and disseminate information. Forms can be  embedded with the logs for easy access – for example incident reports, downtime records, manning levels

Further expand functionality

Ops manager can be easily integrated with other FoCul modules so that shift teams can consume relevant information – for example Permit to Work or Management of Change requests. Ops manager can be integrated with Asset Manager to provide richer equipment history