I am doing an install of 8.5 on RHEL 5.1 this week and as I haven’t done one on this combination before I thought I would do a dry run, just as well really as there is a bit of a nasty install bug.

If you install RHEL 5.1 and then allow the updates to run in their default mode the system gets upgraded to RHEL 5.3 ( yes I know Domino is certified at 5.1 but it is generally good practice to apply the available patches and it is not initially clear that you have been upgraded )  When you then try to install Domino you get the following error messages :
error while loading shared libraries: libc.so.6

This led me to think that I had missed some dependencies and I eventually found the pre-requisits list here =>


Installing these didn’t help and after a lot of searching I eventually I came across this tech note from IBM



This error occurs because the Domino startup script incorrectly evaluates the 5.3 version number in the file /etc/issue as RHEL 3.0. This causes the Domino startup script to set the UNIX environment variable of LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.19 that is meant for RHEL 3.0 only. Setting this variable makes Domino 7 and 8 servers detect a kernel version that it was not designed for, thus the error occurs.

The technote goes on to describe how to modify the script file to get around the problem

Other Quick Notes

I will write up the installation process in a future posting but for now it is worth noting the following :

The above bug

This note from Red Hat – better than anything IBM seems to have

Daniel Nasheds startup script

You need to disable sendmail as it stops Domino accessing the SMTP port ( and you don’t want to have it running any way )