Our Process

What Agile Means to Us

We are well regarded as being a flexible provider – our focus is on providing software that is right for you, even if that means making changes late in development.

At the requirements and specification stage our detail of the solutions we are recommending can be difficult to grasp and it is only when we can deliver you working software that you can gain a fuller understanding of how the solution will work for you.

We therefore aim to deliver chunks of working software (‘epics’) as quickly as possible, in weeks rather than months, so that you can have confidence in our solution as it evolves. We communicate and measure progress against delivery of ‘epics’; this provides a high level overview of how the solution is progressing.

Each epic is split into a number of smaller ‘issues’for development activity. It is normal for new issues to be raised (by anyone!) against epics as the development activity progresses. Critical within our agile processes is having a client sponsor who can separate ‘desirable’ from ‘essential’ functionality. To deliver your solution on time we must be experts at ‘maximising the amount of work not done’. We retain your ‘ideas’ for future versions of your solution should you want to extend functionality later.

Our 7 Step Project Process

Our project and QA processes are underpinned by our values and based on delivering 100’s of successful projects to our clients. Having a strong engineering background, we are naturally process driven.  Working with clients to ensure the management of projects meets their needs, our project process has the following phases:

Although we have extensive knowledge of manufacturing, operational and engineering environments our first task must be to understand the background, business objectives and user preferences. We totally understand that getting best value out of any system is dependent on user engagement.
We have a particular knack for getting to the nub of a problem and finding the best practical solution. We will spend time at the beginning of the project to ensure the scope is fit for purpose. Investing that time upfront will pay dividends as the project proceeds.
It is important that the scope meets customer and user requires. Before taking the first step in developing the system we will work with you to ensure you are happy with our proposal. For more complex projects this can often include a proof-of-concept. We will discuss project stage and cost breaks, timing, delivery and testing protocols. We will explore agile approaches with you and discuss the "Project triangle".
As with all stages the development stage will be carefully project managed. This will be to customer preferences. Face to face, Skype, telephone, email communication will be used as and when needed. You will be kept informed of progress to the level that is important to you at each stage. We fully understand that during the development stage things happen and the scope may have to be tweaked. We will take these tweaks in our stride.
We will be on site and on hand during the commissioning stage. We will commission the system with you so you know the system we are leaving you with. Any last minute adjustments will be made. User training and user manuals will be provided.
We never deploy and then just walk away. We are here to support you as the system becomes an integrated part of your business and to work with you to ensure the system remains used and useful throughout its lifetime.
Often our customers realise there is further potential that can be gained from our solutions after the intial implementation. We are always willing to enhance the solution based on your feedback. We want to ensure maximum value is obtained from your investment and that users continue to be engaged in the long term.