Asset Wiki

Think of Wikipedia but with a page for every pump, turbine, vessel showing all of the available knowledge about that asset.

  • Reduce cost & risk
  • Enhance control
  • Increase Competitiveness

The FoCul Asset Wiki is a powerful application that compliments your existing CMMS systems by allowing you to better manage the knowledge and processes that underpin Asset Management in the Process, Oil & Gas and Utility sectors.

While CMMS applications such as SAP PM are good for managing discrete maintenance activities they typically fail to capture the critical knowledge such as Asset Life Plans, Root Cause Investigations, Asset Spend Maps, Detailed Inspection Reports, Risk Assessments, Photographs etc.

The Asset Wiki also has a form builder and workflow engine that allow you to build and manage workflow processes to suit your business. Typical examples include Root Cause Investigations, Trip and Alarm Overrides, Pressure System Inspections.

Key Functionality

Equipment Centric Knowledge Management

The application allows knowledge and activities to be collected in an equipment centric fashion so that it can be found and viewed easily. Each equipment item has an item header document and associated documents such as RCAs, Technical Notes, Build Reports etc. are filed against that header. This makes it very easy for people to contribute and find information.

More than just Equipment Centric Knowledge Management

While it is important to be able to add and find information by equipment it is also important to be able to find information across classes of equipment or types of information. As an example an Engineer with a problem on a centrifuge might want to look at all of the failure reports or RCAs across all Centifuges. Similarly Electrical & Instrumentation Engineers are often interested in the behavior of particular models of control valves.

Template Based forms, checklists and workflow processes.

The application includes a form builder and a workflow builder. These tools allow the system owner to quickly configure new forms and processes. As an example if a site wanted to carry out a motor survey with specific questions this form could be quickly created and added as an option on all motors.

If the form had a status attribute then the blank forms could be created in bulk and owners allocated. It would then be very straight forward to track the progress of the survey across the responsible people.

Spend Mapping

The application can be used to forecast future capital spend by creating activities with nominal dates and values. These activities are aggregated into dashboards of spend over time. When used in conjunction with an Asset Life Plan methodology this forecast is very powerful.

Action Management

Many of the documents added tot he system such as RCAs, Failure reports etc. generate actions that need to be tracked and managed efficiently. The application integrates with the FoCul Action Manager application to provide this functionality.

Dashboards and Reporting

The application has dashboards showing changes and actions by status and by the current actionee. Users can click on these dashboards to open the underlying data.
The application also integrates with Excel to automatically generate configurable charts and tables of activities, actions and record updates.

Integration with the FoCul Management of Change Application

The application fully integrates with the FoCul Management of Change application such that you can move seamlessly from one application to the other.

Secure On-Premises or Cloud deployment

The application is robust and secure. User permissions can be managed from within the application or can be linked to your Microsoft credentials. The application is available as a browser application or as an IBM Lotus Notes application and can be deployed within your firewalls as an on premises solution or via the cloud as a Software as a Service ( SaaS ) solution.

The Benefits

Improved Efficiency

The application significantly improves efficiency by allowing information to be quickly recalled and workflow processes to be completed faster.

Improved Sharing and Competitiveness

The application allows information to be shared across not just teams but also plants, sites and organisations. Engineers on different sites search for Root Cause investigations of similar equipment on sister plants and benefit from the collective experience across the business.

Improved Control, Delegation & Reduced Risk

The application allows you to take the existing best practice processes within the organisation and put them into a robust configurable electronic application that can be easily monitored. Individuals benefit from having consistent and documented best practice processes while team leaders benefit from being able to manage by exception. This approach also opens up significant opportunities to collaborate across broader teams and delegate activities.

Managing an Aging or Contract Workforce

Many plants in the UK have an aging workforce. As these people retire or move to different duties the organisation loses a great deal of valuable knowledge. The same can be said where key members of the workforce are employed indirectly or where, as in the case of a new plant, many of the team members with the most commissioning experience will leave over a short period.

This application has been successfully used to “brain dump” information at the end of turnaround and major plant commissioning so that the organisation continues to benefit from that hard won know how.

Managing an Aging Plant

Managing Aging Plant also brings its own challenges in terms of knowledge, documentation and robust processes. The application make a significant difference in addressing these challenges.

Next Steps

If you are interested in this application we would be very happy to demonstrate it to you in person or via a web conference. Please give us a call or drop us an email.

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