Operations Wiki

We developed Operations Wiki as a way of bringing together all of the information needed to operate your plant.

In a very simple sense it is like an electronic shift log or production log but with SOPs, Task Management, OEE, KPIs and other Operations Tools included.

It builds on our experiences in delivering Asset Wiki and compliments it well.

The first Operations Wiki was in Q1 2017 and the software is now in use over 7 sites in the UK and several abroad.

A supervisor at a recent deployment said that “he felt like a caveman who had just come out of his cave and discovered fire”.

Operations Wiki helps you to :

  • Reduce cost & risk
  • Enhance control
  • Increase Competitiveness

Key Functionality

Electronic Shift Logs

The application includes configurable shift logs that can be used to record key production plans and information.

Shift to Shift Task Management

Maintenance tasks are often well co-ordinated within a CMMS application but it is often the case that process activities such as minor repairs or process tasks are less well controlled. The busy nature of shift teams means that these important tasks sometimes need to be passed between shifts or may even get overlooked. The Ops Wiki has simple but effective functionality to ensure that these tasks are managed to completion.

Configurable Forms

Approval Processes such as Trip Over-rides, Stock Transfers and Quality Dispensations often need to be completed. The application includes configurable forms that can be used to control these types of processes.

OEE Tracking

The best time to collect Overall Equipment Effectiveness ( OEE ) data is at the time when production is impacted on shifts. The application includes a “lost production” process which records production losses against individual plant items and root causes. This data can then be aggregated to produce Bad Actor pareto charts and other OEE metrics.


Ops Wiki includes a document library that can be used for controlled documents such as SOPs.

Dashboards and Reporting

The application has dashboards showing performance date, plant and shift team. Users can click on these dashboards to open the underlying data. The application also integrates with Excel to automatically generate configurable charts and tables.

Integration with the FoCul Management of Change and Asset Wiki Applications

The application fully integrates with the FoCul Management of Change and Asset Wiki applications such that you can move seamlessly from one application to the other.

Secure On-Premises or Cloud deployment

The application is robust and secure. User permissions can be managed from within the application or can be linked to your Microsoft credentials. The application is available as a browser application or as an IBM Lotus Notes application and can be deployed within your firewalls as an on premises solution or via the cloud as a Software as a Service ( SaaS ) solution.

The Benefits

Improved Efficiency

The application significantly improves efficiency by allowing information to be quickly recalled and workflow processes to be completed faster.

Improved Sharing and Competitiveness

The application allows information to be shared across not just teams but also plants, sites and organisations allowing the whole organisation to benefit from the collective experience across the business.

Improved Control, Delegation & Reduced Risk

The application allows you to take the existing best practice processes within the organisation and put them into a robust configurable electronic application that can be easily monitored. Individuals benefit from having consistent and documented best practice processes while team leaders benefit from being able to manage by exception. This approach also opens up significant opportunities to collaborate across broader teams and delegate activities.

Next Steps

If you are interested in this application we would be very happy to demonstrate it to you in person or via a web conference. Please give us a call or drop us an email.