We have developed a powerful and highly configurable application framework called FoCul Mosaic which underpins all of our solutions. Using this framework approach significantly improves robustness and reduces the costs for our customers.

We have pre-configured a number products on Mosaic to make deployment easier but these are really just examples of what we can do :

Think of Wikipedia but with a page for every pump, turbine, vessel showing all of the available knowledge about that asset.

We developed Operations Wiki as a way of bringing together all of the information needed to operate your plant.

In a very simple sense it is like an electronic shift log or production log but with SOPs, Task Management, OEE, KPIs and other Operations Tools included.

The FoCul Management of Change for Process Safety ( MOC ) application has been developed from best practices in the process and utility sectors and incorporates the recommendations made in the Guidelines for the Management of Change for Process Safety published by the Center for Chemical Process Safety of the AIChE.

The application improves control, efficiency and auditability while also making the Management of Change process more inclusive.

Acquiring knowledge and experience is expensive but if organisations can re-use that knowledge and experience then the investment will benefit the organisation greatly. Conversely if organisations keep re-inventing the wheel or making the same mistakes then the additional costs become prohibitive.

This application makes it easier for organisations to share project or product knowledge more effectively.

The FoCul workflow Manager allows you to configure robust and secure stage gate processes to make your business processes more efficient. Customers have used this application for Safety Reporting, Project Approvals, Management of Change and IT Help Desk requests.

The FoCul Action Manager application provides a robust system for ensuring that important actions are completed.

Many processes such as Hazops, Root Cause Analysis, Safety Reporting etc. generate important actions that need to be implemented to improve performance or reduce risk. Traditionally these actions have been managed on multiple spreadheets with actionees having to inform a central administrator about changes.

This application has been developed to allow organisations to manage actions more efficiently and more robustly.

The FoCul Activity Manager application aggregates activities ( actions, pending approvals, document reviews etc. ) from multiple systems and provides a single view of what needs to be done by each person.

The Skills and Roles Manager is based on our experience of working closely with a number of industrial clients where legislation requires that training is used to ensure that the risks of accidents are minimised.

In it’s most basic form our skills & roles manager is a comprehensive repository for training records and training material. It also has powerful tools to reduce the administrative burden of managing training and to identify where there are competency gaps in your organisation. It can also be used to deliver on-line, or self-delivered training.