Company Profile

Our passion is developing collaborative applications that help our customers to be more efficient, more competitive and to demonstrate that they are in control of their key processes.

FoCul was founded in 2000 by Sean Cull, a manufacturing engineer who was frustrated by the lack of effective solutions to manage workflow, knowledge and wider collaboration in industry.

FoCul's deep specialism in collaborative solutions means that we complement your existing IT teams by bringing additional skills, knowledge and templates to your projects. We are equally happy to deliver turnkey projects or to work along side your existing IT resources providing our specialist skills and knowledge on a top up basis ( see hybrid development ).

FoCul is both an Advanced IBM Business Partner and an IBM Design Partner.

In addition to bespoke application development we also offer a range of shrink wrapped software. The FoCul Delivery Toolkit allows us to deliver the most frequently requested applications as shrink wrapped solutions. These solutions are highly configurable and can also be used as a proven foundation upon which to build other bespoke solutions.

Our Philosophy

FoCul was founded by an end user who was frustrated by the lack of effective collaborative solutions available to industry. From the very start we took the strong view that what ever is right for our customers will be right for us in the longer term.

We will always look to find the most cost effective solution for you and in the vast majority of cases we will be able to offer solutions on a fixed cost or fixed subscription basis.

We are not a variation driven organisation. We prefer to work with our customers from the early stages of a project to ensure that we can will deliver the best balance of cost and functionality. We also believe that we should be very good at what we do so we only take on work that we know we are very competent at.

We try to be as transparent as possible and use collaborative tools to deliver our projects. You can see this in this project file which is from a real project.

Finally we are genuinely interested in how people use collaborative tools. If you have any ideas that you would like to discuss please give us a call. We don't employ sales people and we don't believe in a "hard sell". We prefer to talk to you about your needs, show you what we do and hope to find some common ground where we can work together.


““Working with FoCul has delivered quality and efficiency improvement to our consultancy processes and services, whilst retaining the ability to customise work processes at short notice to meet specific customer needs

The benefit has been a 30% efficiency saving, allowing ABB to deliver over £12M of studies more competitively since 2002” 
David Stanier, Principal Consultant, ABB
The FoCul electronic Invoice Approval System is an excellent example of how processes can be simplified and improved by changing the conventional ways of doing things.
Quality Award Citation, Multinational Chemical Company

“The Manufacturing Information System has become the back bone of our operational communications.

The automatic dashboard report sets the mood of the whole site in terms of HSEQ and Production performance and requires no additional effort to collate.
In our Lean Manufacturing environment, we couldn't function effectively without it !!

FoCul built in flexibility at the concept design stages that has allowed ongoing modifications to adapt to changing demands with minimal effort."

Operations Manager, Elementis

"FoCul's key strength is in understanding our manufacturing environment and translating our needs into solutions that really do reduce costs and improve control."
Stephen Medlock, Senior Engineer, Lucite International
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