I have been looking at options to automate the monitoring of our servers.
If you are looking for lots of Domino functionality there is a great system called Vital Signs but I was also interested in something based on the Open Source Nagios platform
I opted to try the Opsview Atom offering ( free for up to 25 servers ) which has a very simple but effective dashboard. It has taken me a couple of days as it was new to me ( and the documentation is not great ) but I am very pleased with where I have got to and the future options.
I will put some blog posts together but the screen shots below will give some ideas. We mostly run virtualised XWork servers on VMware. Most of the checks are via the VMWare API and do not require any software to be added tot he XWorks server although if you want things like specific drive usage as an example you do need to install an NRPE agent
I will blog more in a couple of weeks