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At FoCul we pride ourselves in our technical skills and knowledge. We have developed this knowledge in large part through the IT community and this blog is one of our ways of giving back.

We have benefited greatly from the input of other members in the tech community. This BLOG is one of the ways that we give back and help others to enjoy developing modern web applications.

Adding a new column to an Excel XML data table

We use XML feeds from our Domino applications to pull data into Excel. Users can right click on the data tables and they get updated from Domino. The functionality generally works well but if you need to add a new "column" to your XML feed there is no way in Excel to...

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ICONUK and the State of Domino Web Development

Caution Long Post, I’m stuck on a train. The best User Group yet. I am just back from a very impressive ICONUK. I can honestly say that it was the best LUG that I have been to. The best part for me was the informal discussions within the community. It is a time of...

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The moral of the story – do some monitoring

We have been battling with one of 6 Domino XPage servers that is running a consistently higher load average than the other servers. The performance was OK from a customer point of view but differences in systems are always a worry. We tried everything I could think of...

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