Skills & Roles

Our Skills and Roles Manager is based on our experience of working closely with a number of industrial clients where legislation requires that training is used to ensure that the risks of accidents are minimised.

In it’s most basic form our skills & roles manager is a comprehensive repository for training records and training material. It also has powerful tools to reduce the administrative burden of managing training and to identify where there are competency gaps in your organisation. It can also be used to deliver on-line, or self-delivered training.

Key Functionality

Identify Skill Gaps

Skill gaps are determined by identifying what skills a person needs depending on their role(s). The skill gap constantly evolves as old skills expire and new skills are required; the system provides ‘real time’ information on the status of training at the sites.

Plan Refresher Training

Some training needs to be refreshed at a specified interval. The application helps managers determine the refresher interval required, and then automatically schedules the next training need for each person. This can greatly assist individuals or teams to forecast training requirements.

Produce Management Reports

Managers can quickly see the status of their teams’ training including a forecast of future training needs. The system allows all data to be exported to Excel where it can easily be interrogated using pre-configured pivot reports. Management reports are configured to the requirements of each site.

Complete Self-Delivered Training

Training materials can be populated or referenced within the application. Individuals can view training material from their computer at a time that suits them. They can complete the training themselves with further validation sign-off if required.

Secure Access

The product is designed to be used by Individuals, Line Mangers and Training Administrators with built in security to ensure that access is controlled for viewing or updating records. Security settings were configured depending on site requirements.

Secure On-Premises deployment

The application is available as a secure on-premises solution on the IBM Lotus Notes platform

The Benefits

The following benefits are all geared towards improving legislative requirements;

Identification of Competency Gaps

This product encourages management ‘by exception’. An example of this would be highlighting when someone is no longer competent to carry out a role and the associated skill gap. Many organisations have thousands of training records, so having the ability to quickly see the wood from the trees is critical.

Reduced Administration Effort

For the training administrators the system automatically forecasts future training needs, generates reports, and can be used to identify training requirements for new recruits, reducing administration time and providing valuable forecasting tools

Greater Transparency

Greatly transparency of training information is available to individuals and their line managers. They have a comprehensive picture of historical training records and future training needs that was previously only accessible to the HR and training functions.

Next Steps

If you are interested in the Skills & Roles application we would be very happy to demonstrate it to you in person or via a web conference. Please give us a call or drop us an email.

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