Solutions in more detail

Selling a piece of software is not really a solution in our view.

Developing a solution to your problem is a team effort to identify what the problem is and to work with your key stake holders to implement sustainable improvements that suit your business.

We have worked with most of our customers for over 10 years and our customer feedback continues to reaffirm the importance of adopting a whole life approach to IT solutions.

We feel that the best way to describe our approach to IT solutions is through case studies :

Selected Case Studies

ABB Risk Based Consulting Tool

ABB Consulting deploys teams of engineering consultants to customer sites to review the inspection regimes on critical equipment. The purpose of the studies is to find safer and more cost effective inspection regimes for complex equipment.

Our first project was to move ABB from a spreadsheet tool to an IBM Lotus Notes application in 2002. Since then the application has been web enabled and over the last 14 years the savings efficiency attributed to the application exceed £4M GBP.

This is the public demo of the application

This is the case study

ABB Inspection Application

Our latest project for ABB has been to deploy our Asset Wiki application to their Pressure Systems Inspection team as a means of collaborating with their customers. There is no case study yet but ABB have produced an excellent video.

Chemoxy PSM Management of Change Case Study

Chemoxy International is one of the largest independent contract manufacturers in Europe. Their sites in the North East of
England are Upper Tier COMAH1 sites. Chemoxy already had a well established paper Management of Change for Process Safety process but wanted to improve the efficiency, robustness and transparency of that process.

We worked with Chemoxy to incorporate their best practices into our MOC product and deploy it to site.

This is the case study

PX Sellafield PSM Management of Change Case Study

The Sellafield CHP plant operated by PX Limited was the first customer for our web based MOC application in 2010. The MOC has since become the gold standard across PX sites including the recently deployed St Fergus Terminal in Scotland.

This is the case study

Next Steps

We are very proud of all of the projects that we have completed. If you would like to see more case studies or to visit a customer site please drop us an email or give us a call.