Image:Toshiba Dynadock USB docking station with DVI out ( 9/10 )

The Toshiba Dynadock is pretty amazing – it provides a DVI socket, Lan and multiple USBs through a single USB input. I actually have a second Rextron XtraViU VCUD20 USB > DVI adapter daisy chained to this to give me two independent ( Dual monitors )  AG Neove 19″ monitors and the Toshiba M700 tablet PC screen. I find that my efficiency is much better with two decent screens, particularly if I am using multiple Virtual Machines at once

I am still learning to configure it – there seems to be a few glitches when you try and use the tablet in slate mode – moving the pen up and down actually moves it left to right – but overall it is pretty good.

I was slaved to a Dell D600 prior to this because I believed that only Dell made a docking station with the space for a second PCI graphics card whereas the Dynadock will work with any laptop. Note that the latest drivers from Displaylink support indpendent ( extended ) monitors in Vista and not just mirrored as suggested in the Toshiba bumf.

The brains behind both the Dynadock and the Rexton have been developed by a British company called Displaylink – If I could buy shares in them I would because they look to have captured this lucrative market. Samsung are even doing monitors with usb inputs.

The dynadoc was 100 GBP from
The Rexton was 35 GBP from microdirect – although the image showed one of these which would have been slightly better
2 x AG Neuvo 19″ 1280 x 1024 with a 3 yr on site warranty from  90 GBP each