Image:Toshiba M700 Tablet PC ( 7/10 )  Vista ( 3/10 )..I have been really looking forward to getting a Tablet PC for several reasons and in many ways have been very impressed with the M700 / Tablet PC expierience. I ordered on from the USA because Toshiba in the UK initially offered pretty low spec machines – pretty daft really since the USP of this machine is that it is a “Power Tablet”

While I do think that the Tablet PC has great potential using Vista has been quite painful with regular crashes – as in multiple times per day – and software that just stops. The machine was originally supplied with XP and I installed Vista Ultimate myself – I thought I had done a good job and down loaded and installed over 20 Toshiba utilities and drivers so it would be interesting to hear what other users with factory installed Vista have found.

OneNote – the MS note taking software has been a great experience

I will hopefully be writing much more about this in the future