Volker’s Post reminded me that I had been meaning to write about the Voyager Legend.

Image:Voyager Legend UC  is a significant improvement on the Voyager Pro UC

I got a Voyager Pro UC about 3 months ago to use a s a single unified device for PC and mobile. The idea was to use a voip client on my tablet but I am still struggling to make that bit work well.

I was reasonably pleased with the Voyager Pro but it was just “OK”.

>The fancy sensor features didn’t seem to work well with my Android tablet,
> It was a bit quiet and the buttons were fiddly.
> It also had a very short battery life because after using Skype it would stay connected tot he PC in a silent but active way that meant you were eating into the talk time battery allowance.
> I also REALLY hated trying to plug the micro usb plug in for charging.
> Every time I went to make a coffee or eat lunch in the kitchen it would announce connecting and disconnecting from my PC every few minutes.

When I think about it now perhaps I wasn’t “OK” with it.

Anyhow, it went through the washing machine and although I was impressed that it seemed to recover it was never quite the same so I bought the newer Legend UC M. This is much better.

> It comes with a slightly quirky magnetic charging stand that is just brilliant.
> It has real physical buttons for the controls.
> It has a quirky case which holds a second battery capable of charging it twice over.
> The battery life is much much better as it now disconnects cleanly from Skype.
> It is louder than the Voyager
> It has a much better bluetooth range
> The voice controls seem to work better although an option to voice dial would be a big improvement while driving.

So there you go. If you are looking for a simple bluetooth ear piece to wear all day for Skype and phone I would highly recommend it.