FoCul Assets Module - "Asset Wiki"

Imagine a page for every pump, turbine, vessel, etc. harnessing all of the knowledge about that piece of equipment

Why use our Assets module?

The FoCul Assets module is a powerful application that make it easy to share rich asset information across the asset management and operations teams. It can be used to compliment your maintenance management system (CMMS) or you can use the optional FoCul CMMS module.

While CMMS applications are good for managing discrete maintenance activities they often fail to manage the knowledge and processes that underpin asset management in the process industries, for example; root cause investigations, asset life plans, spend maps, detailed inspection reports, risk assessments  etc.

The Assets module will help your businesses implement an effective asset integrity management programme in order to extend asset life. It harnesses knowledge so that employees responsible for asset management can make efficient and informed asset management decisions.

FoCul Assets Module

“FoCul’s key strength is in understanding our manufacturing environment and translating our needs into solutions that really do reduce costs and improve control.”

Stephen Medlock

What will the Assets module bring to your business?

Full equipment history

Every equipment item has associated information stored against it so that is it easily accessible by anyone needing to contribute or find information. The type of information stored is highly configurable, for example, downtime records, work orders, condition monitoring, inspection reports, vendor brochures, root cause analysis

Powerful interrogation and reporting

 Trend KPIs including spend, maintenance and production risk by site, plant or equipment owner. Interrogate data by equipment class or record type to gain deeper insight into the behaviour of particular types of equipment. For example, identify common failure modes across all centrifuges


Add your own forms and checklists

As well as pre-built templates, which include root cause analysis, risk based maintenance and  asset management plans, new forms and checklists can be built. As an example if a site wanted to carry out a motor survey with specific questions a form could be quickly created and added as an option on all motors

Action Management

Actions as a result from information stored in the system can be efficiently tracked and managed. An example is actions resulting from root cause analysis or failure reports

Spend Mapping

Future spend can be forecast by creating activities with nominal dates and values. These activities are aggregated into dashboards displaying  spend over time. When used in conjunction with an asset life plans this forecast is very powerful

Third Party Integration

Asset Wiki can pull data in from third party systems to overcome barriers that limit access. Examples of this are condition monitoring logs held by a third party, or CMMS data where access is restricted due to licensing

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