FoCul Management of Change for Process Safety

Reduce risk, improve compliance, improve efficiency

Why use Management of Change?

The FoCul Management of Change for Process Safety (MOC) application has been developed from best practices recommended by the AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety. Our clients with a legal duty under The Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015 (COMAH15) and use MOC to apply ‘Plant modification and Change Procedures guidance’ to their business.

The Management of Change tool is highly configurable so that it can be adapted to a wide variety of change procedures. It can be simplified for straight-forward modifications or re-configured for organisational change.

Focul - Management of Change MOC

The MOC application has significantly improved the efficiency of our risk assessment processes. The system is robust, easy to use and the configurability has allowed us to adapt it to our particular business processes for best effect.

Colin Elliot

What will MOC bring to your business?

Formal change control

The MOC application provides a central location for process change requests and plant modifications to provide traceability, transparency and promote management procedures.

Consistent risk classification

The highly configurable application allows you to incorporate your own risk matrices so that you can consistently involve the correct people in approving the change stage gates

Robust stage gates

The stage gate processes are can be set centrally, on an MOC by MOC basis or with a mixture of these two approaches. There is a clear who has signed off each stage


Multi-functional approvals

The application ensures that there is a multi-functional approach to each MOC by allowing each discipline to confirm whether they should be involved in a particular MOC.

Organisational Learning

A well structured MOC system that can be easily navigated and searched allows people to learn from each other. Change is difficult to manage and learning from past risk assessments and missed opportunities is important

Action management

A central action repository is used to track individual actions for each MOC. There is also the capability to interlock actions against stage gates. Reminder emails are issued to the action holders.

"Simple" MOCs get assessed

Historically many seemingly simple MOCs were done out with of a formal process because the formal process seemed too time consuming. This has led to problems further down he road. A more efficient MOC process will make it easier to capture all MOCs

Temporary modification control

The application includes a robust process to ensure that temporary modifications are flagged and tracked through to their removal

Efficiency improvements

A robust MOC process requires people from different functions to collaborate. This takes time but a well designed electronic system will make a big difference. This not just saves cost but also means that people are making informed decisions with the information readily at hand

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