FoCul Permit to Work Module

Improve control and efficiency with electronic permit preparation.

Why use Focul Permit to Work?

FoCul Permit to Work (PTW) provides a formal documented system to control potentially hazardous activities, which is an essential part of safe systems of work for many maintenance activities. There are significant advantages of using our e-PTW system over traditional paper based systems, these include greater management control and increased visibility. 

Focul - Permit to Work

What will the Permit to Work module bring to your business?

Identification of hazards and control measures

Configure hazards, control measures and PPE appropriate to your business as well as well as being able to identify additional criteria on individual permits

Control of work

Manage who is authorised to accept permits, Ensure re-validation of permits to extend expiry date / time. Lock permits electronically so details can not be changed once the permit is live. Maintain a repository indefinitely of all permits with auditable history

Control of isolations

Electrical and mechanical isolations forms are interlocked so that the PTW cannot be made live until isolations are in place. De-isolations can not be carried out until work is complete and before the PTW is closed. Isolations associated with a permit can be printed as a list to assist the person who is making the isolations


Create Supporting Permits

Use our hot work and confined space entry templates or adapt these to meet your requirements. Additional authorisation is required to issue supporting permits and these documents are interlocked to the main permit


Permit printing

An electronic permit system is great for transparency and remote access but sometimes there is a need to be able to display a paper copy at the workplace or obtain physical signatures in addition to electronic authorisation.  The print outs are customisable to your business

Store additional documents and maintain a permit library

Additional documents such as method statements, safety plans, MSDS can be stored against each permit. Permits can be added to a library so that they can be retrieved for similar tasks in future, but must be revalidated before re-use