Development Blog

At FoCul we pride ourselves in our technical skills and knowledge. We have developed this knowledge in large part through the IT community and this blog is one of our ways of giving back.

We have benefited greatly from the input of other members in the tech community. This BLOG is one of the ways that we give back and help others to enjoy developing modern web applications.

Engage 2024 draft conference slides

David and I are very privileged to be presenting on our product modernisation journey at the HCL 2024 Engage User Group conference in Antwerp next week. The whole team have been involved since 2019 and customers are now beginning to see the results in production. I am...

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Problems with Domino 11.01 FP8 and CKEditor

When you upgrade Domino 11.0.1 to FP8 CKEditor gets upgraded too. This is a good thing although it would be very helpful if the release notes said this. HCL have a habit of not mentioning these things. The video below shows a very simple test database that shows the...

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Categorised view problem in Domino Nomad Web 1.07

We upgraded some servers to nomad Web 1.07 over the weekend but had to revert to 1.06 after a bug appeared. On first inspection it looked like a reader / author field issue but it was not. This HCL Knowledge article describes a very similar problem in 12.02 , albeit...

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