Management of Change is a widely used process, but there is very little good quality guidance. I recommend  “Guidelines for the Management of Change for Process Safety” to my customers. The AICHE Center for Chemical Process Safety published this in 2008, but I still find it very useful, I got mine from Amazon .

Guidelines for the Management of Change for Process Safety

Another very good source of information is the Energy institute “Element 12: Management of Change and Project Management Guidance”. I wrote a review of how our MOC application works with this framework.

Our Management of Change application has been developed continuously since 2007, as a result we are passionate about making MOC processes better.

Our secure cloud based MOC application is used on over 50 sites across both the chemical and utilities sectors. It is highly configurable and will meet your MOC needs. The application simplifies the MOC process and makes it more efficient.

We are always keen to incorporate ideas from our customers. We would love to hear your ideas on MOC.
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