Help Desk Procedure

If you have a problem with an application and want to contact the help desk then please call:

UK +44 (0)161 660 8226

USA +1 (0)281 4041507

NZ   +64 (0)9 973 0376


For routine support please select option 1.

For very high priority critical support please select option 2.


During UK office hours you can also email us on Please prefix the email with words such as “routine” or “critical” so that we can judge the urgency of the situation.

If your information is an observation or a suggestion rather than a clear problem, then use those words. We are always very grateful to get such feedback.

Support hours are 09:00 – 17:00 week days but we will do our best to help outside of those hours for a critical call ( 0161 660 8226 Option 2 ).

If you feel that you still need other options please call and text Sean Cull’s (Managing Director) personal mobile number : +44 (0)771 420 4669.