Update : now running on an 8 GB physical box, I will try ec2 again when things quieten down – the physical box is considerably cheaper than ec2 as well.

Update : Back on 851, just can’t get 852 to run reliably on my ec2 setup ( note Ubuntu is unsupported )

Ever since I upgraded my EC2 Ubuntu 8.04 instance to 852 I have been having daily crashes due to Outofmemory Errors.

08.26.2010 23:19:48   HTTP JVM: >>>>
08.26.2010 23:19:48   HTTP JVM: The XPages runtime engine faced an OutOfMemoryError
08.26.2010 23:19:48   HTTP JVM: You can fix this by increasing the value of the HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize variable in notes.ini
08.26.2010 23:19:48   HTTP JVM: >>>>

A small EC2 instance only has 1.7Gb of memory so it is going to struggle in any case. I have tried HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize = 64M, 128M and 256M.
851 was set to 256Mb by default whereas 852 is set to 64Mb as default.

This technote http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21377202 explains the background but it the only part I fully understand is the bit that reads

“XPages is an exciting new way to work with Domino applications. It brings Domino fully into Web 2.0 technologies as a world class leader. ”

It basically says go to 64 Bit – is this windows,  Linux or both. If Linux then I assume the 32bit installation file as there is no 64bit version ?
Will 64 Bit make any difference if it is memory limited in any case ?
If I am memory limited do I make the value higher or lower ?

I appreciate that this is not an issue to people running on proper production hardware but it is an issue for development servers and appliances.

It could also be affected by using Ubuntu but it has been very good in all other respects up until now.

If you can’t read this its because my server has crashed !