Nokia E72 early impressions

I sent the N97 back at the start of the week and now I am trying a Nokia E72.

First impressions are good, much better than than the N97 but ergonomically my trusty Blackberry 8310 is better

Image:Nokia E72 early impressions

Pros :

The E72 has SIP / VOIP so when I am in the office it rings just like an internal  desk phone – Blackberry take note !!!!
It has WiFi
V’s the N97 the keyboard is easier to use
V’s the BB it has Lotus Traveller which works great apart from the unread count and marking all read function
It feels pretty robust
The business card scanning application works surprisingly well

Cons :

The keyboard is better than the N97 but a lot worse than the 8310 – strange because they are the same size. With the BB there is actually space between the good sized flat keys but the Nokia keys are flush with each other and they are also strangley raised so that I end up typing with my fingernails rather than my fingers.

Considering the primary function of the device is a phone the number pad doesn’t really stand out enough

I keep wanting to touch the screen to do things – why can’ we have the best of both worlds

There is no way to see a list of unread emails permanently on the screen – the blackberry shows the last 3 or 4 fairly well

The front screen is not really very configurable, it can be configured but its not great

The back feels as though it is sprung loaded so it flexes and feels

Anyhow, its still he first day so the trial continues. …..

Setting up VOIP / SIP on a Nokia E72

Just set up SIP / VOIP using the native Nokia SIP client on an E72.

It is easy once you have a few settings and download a program so I thought I would write it up

1) you need the Nokia SIP Settings Application from here =>
note that you need the S60 3rd Edition

2) It took me a while to find the settings application. Control Panel > Advanced VOIP Settings

2) It took me a while to find the settings application. Control Panel > Net Settings > Advanced VOIP Settings

3) there is a manual here but the only bit I used was figure 9 where the ok button is not revealed unless you include an “@” in the user name

3) Then I put in the settings for my voip account from Gradwell

And it works, well so far I’ve only called my mum in Ireland but that went well.

p.s. and what is really cool is that turning over an E72 when it is ringing mutes the ring

IBM, please do the right thing and allow developers to update straight from 7 to 8.5.

I am doing some catching up on my certifications and have just realised to to upgrade to 8.5 I have to pass the 8.0 exams.

I think this is unfair and not really in IBMs interest because :

>> IBM is actively encouraging customers to go straight to 8.5

>> Web development in 8.5 is a whole new beast almost making 8.x web development an obsolete choice  in new applications

>> Composite Apps were buggy in 8.x and had limited uptake, 8.5 is much better, why force people to learn the buggy system

>> DB2NSF is not being expanded any further

>> Its an extra $200 to spend per developer that neither the developers not IBM get value from ( unless this is a profit making exercise )

The syllabus for the exam is

Description:  Covers IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 material as it relates to these competency areas:

  • Composite Applications  
  • Design and Development Enhancements  
  • Domino and DB2 Integration  
  • Programming Enhancements  
  • Web Services in Domino Applications

So IBM, do the right thing and allow developed to go straight from 7 to 8.5. There is a new script requirement for advanced developers anyhow so it still requires a significant commitment from the developers.

Requirements :

Grumpy old man post : Nokia N97 is not so impressive, give me back my blackberry

It seems like I am becoming a bit of a grumpy old man on twitter and now this blog but here you go :

Update : back on the blackberry 8310 : the N97 has gone back, I was getting there slowly with the phone ( mostly because it was cheap ) but the coverage was the killer in the end

I got a Nokia N97 to try at lunch time today. By 14:00 I was ready to throw it out the window, it has been an awful experience. For those who don’t know the N97 is Nokia’s flagship iphone beater.

Image:Grumpy old man post : Nokia N97 is not so impressive, give me back my blackberry

The N97 has some attractive features such as the keyboard, radio, Notes Traveler but when it was launched a few months ago it was horrendously buggy. A recent upgrade in the firmware to 2.x was meant to have made it much more stable.

Maybe I am expecting too much as it is a while since I had a true smart phone ( I have been a Blackberry Curve user for a few years ) but there are just so many things that don’t work and I expected more from a prestige phone. In hindsight the blackberry is just soooo easy.

Firmware 2.x
> There is no way to show the new email count from traveller on the front screen
 There is but it shows 200 unread even after I have marked them as read
> it is one click to the traveller inbox but then it is 5 clicks to get back out as you exit via the nokia messaging system / SMS messages etc..
> You cannot easily get it to recognise that wifi is faster than 2G/3G for browsing
> It has crashed twice
> It has run out of memory once
> The keylock switch has refused to unlock the keyboard requiring a battery reboot
> it keeps dropping the WLAN connection
> sometimes its a double click for a menu and others its a single click for a similar menu
> The browser experience is not great – it tries to be better than the blackberry in being much richer but in practice I much prefer the simple blackberry browser
> message that traveler is not compatible with this operating system ( S60 5th edition )
> the auto rotate feature does not work It does but it is disabled by default

Firmware 1.x
> The automatic update over the air would not recognise that version 2.x of the firmware was available ( the phone is 0 days old )
> the tone dialling doesn’t work on telephone tone menus

And some other ones :

> The FM radio won’t even try and work without a headset lead plugged in ( its the aerial )
> You can’t just hit the green phone button and dial unless it is an existing  contact
> I have no t-mobile 3g signal in an area supposedly with an area of very good coverage
Image:Grumpy old man post : Nokia N97 is not so impressive, give me back my blackberry

> I can’t find an easy way to automatically bar data when roaming – the blackberry can do this and in Northern Ireland it is too easy to roam by accident along the border
> Nokia just transferred me to a specialist team assuring me that they were open  : they were closed : hopefully they will ring me tomorrow – they did at 09:30 – thanks

> the OVI store won’t work on wfi only slow gprs
> there is no decent free twitter client that seems to work with the touch screen ( although gravity is very nice at