Engage - probably the best user group in the world
I am very honored to be speaking at the fantastic Engage User Group ( formerly known as BLUG ) this week.
The session is called “Seeing the Wood for the Trees” and is about how I and my colleagues use Domino Designer, Git Source Control and some mostly Atlassian products to manage our help tickets, project management, release management and billing.
The session is at 14:45 on Tuesday and is 50% slides / 50% live demo.
As I have learnt to my cost before it is difficult to go into Source Control in deep detail in 45 minutes so this session is a high level overview for both managers and Developers to show some of what can be achieved by using Source Control with Domino.
We waited a long time for Source Control in DDE and it got off to a shaky start but I am really pleased with what IBM has given us and how it works now. It really has allowed us to integrate the management of Notes / XPages code into our overall processes.
There is obviously more we want to do but this is a good story to share.
All suggestions welcomed. Apologies in advance for needing to moderate comments – my only disappointment in moving from Domino Blog has been how badly WP manages Spam – even with various plug-ins.
The DRAFT slides are here.