It seems like I am becoming a bit of a grumpy old man on twitter and now this blog but here you go :

Update : back on the blackberry 8310 : the N97 has gone back, I was getting there slowly with the phone ( mostly because it was cheap ) but the coverage was the killer in the end

I got a Nokia N97 to try at lunch time today. By 14:00 I was ready to throw it out the window, it has been an awful experience. For those who don’t know the N97 is Nokia’s flagship iphone beater.

Image:Grumpy old man post : Nokia N97 is not so impressive, give me back my blackberry

The N97 has some attractive features such as the keyboard, radio, Notes Traveler but when it was launched a few months ago it was horrendously buggy. A recent upgrade in the firmware to 2.x was meant to have made it much more stable.

Maybe I am expecting too much as it is a while since I had a true smart phone ( I have been a Blackberry Curve user for a few years ) but there are just so many things that don’t work and I expected more from a prestige phone. In hindsight the blackberry is just soooo easy.

Firmware 2.x
> There is no way to show the new email count from traveller on the front screen
 There is but it shows 200 unread even after I have marked them as read
> it is one click to the traveller inbox but then it is 5 clicks to get back out as you exit via the nokia messaging system / SMS messages etc..
> You cannot easily get it to recognise that wifi is faster than 2G/3G for browsing
> It has crashed twice
> It has run out of memory once
> The keylock switch has refused to unlock the keyboard requiring a battery reboot
> it keeps dropping the WLAN connection
> sometimes its a double click for a menu and others its a single click for a similar menu
> The browser experience is not great – it tries to be better than the blackberry in being much richer but in practice I much prefer the simple blackberry browser
> message that traveler is not compatible with this operating system ( S60 5th edition )
> the auto rotate feature does not work It does but it is disabled by default

Firmware 1.x
> The automatic update over the air would not recognise that version 2.x of the firmware was available ( the phone is 0 days old )
> the tone dialling doesn’t work on telephone tone menus

And some other ones :

> The FM radio won’t even try and work without a headset lead plugged in ( its the aerial )
> You can’t just hit the green phone button and dial unless it is an existing  contact
> I have no t-mobile 3g signal in an area supposedly with an area of very good coverage
Image:Grumpy old man post : Nokia N97 is not so impressive, give me back my blackberry

> I can’t find an easy way to automatically bar data when roaming – the blackberry can do this and in Northern Ireland it is too easy to roam by accident along the border
> Nokia just transferred me to a specialist team assuring me that they were open  : they were closed : hopefully they will ring me tomorrow – they did at 09:30 – thanks

> the OVI store won’t work on wfi only slow gprs
> there is no decent free twitter client that seems to work with the touch screen ( although gravity is very nice at