Just a quick heads up.

8.5.3 ( XPINC and Domino ) cannot support more than 1 rich text editor per Xpage if the image upload feature is used.

This will break apps that work in 8.5.2 including the Team Room status reports page ( as reported by Dan Herman ).

You can see the behaviour here :


IBM have been pro-active in looking at the issue but the current response is :

Thank you for providing us the twotrxbroken.nsf database. After looking into the application you have shared to us together with our IBM lotus developer team, based on their feedback, this issue is a known issue and it is only happening for Lotus 8.5.3 and currently there is no fix for this issue yet. However, this issue has already been reported to L3 via SPR SODY8RBKY6 / APAR LO67196 for future enhancement.

As there is nothing much I can do at this moment. Please let me know if you have further question or we may proceed to close this ticket.

Looking forward to hear from you again.