I am doing some catching up on my certifications and have just realised to to upgrade to 8.5 I have to pass the 8.0 exams.

I think this is unfair and not really in IBMs interest because :

>> IBM is actively encouraging customers to go straight to 8.5

>> Web development in 8.5 is a whole new beast almost making 8.x web development an obsolete choice  in new applications

>> Composite Apps were buggy in 8.x and had limited uptake, 8.5 is much better, why force people to learn the buggy system

>> DB2NSF is not being expanded any further

>> Its an extra $200 to spend per developer that neither the developers not IBM get value from ( unless this is a profit making exercise )

The syllabus for the exam is

Description:  Covers IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 material as it relates to these competency areas:

  • Composite Applications  
  • Design and Development Enhancements  
  • Domino and DB2 Integration  
  • Programming Enhancements  
  • Web Services in Domino Applications

So IBM, do the right thing and allow developed to go straight from 7 to 8.5. There is a new script requirement for advanced developers anyhow so it still requires a significant commitment from the developers.

Requirements :