I have been upgrading a development server running on Ubuntu 8.04 from 8.5.0 to 8.5.0. FP1 ( yes I know that it is not supported )

The standard install for the fix pack does not work and gives the following errors :

@ts13-001:~/Desktop/linux$ cd domino
@ts13-001:~/Desktop/linux/domino$ sudo ./install
[sudo] password for :
[: 160: TOOLS/NLS/-E: unexpected operator

[: 160: tools/nls/-e: unexpected operator

[: 160: tools/nls/-e;1: unexpected operator

.: 1: -e: not found

after much hunting about I came across this fix by Matt Schmandt

Domino 8.5 can be installed on Ubuntu 8.04 but you need to perform an extra step.

From the command line run “sudo su” and then run “./install”.

sudo su

Once I tried this everything worked fine. Next time I might look at Roverex which was suggested by Johann Echanarr.

“Roverex is a derivative Ubuntu distribution that has been created to integrate IBM Lotus Software with Ubuntu, specifically Lotus Domino Server, Lotus Notes Client and Lotus Symphony.

Roverex is an open source project so anyone that want to contribute is welcome, any feedback/testing will be appreciated and right now there’s need for a Spanish/Italian translator, so please send an email to roverex-dev at roverex dot org to be part of our Roverex community.

IBM Lotus Domino Server and Lotus Notes Client provide a secure email, scheduling, calendaring, messaging/chat platform and an application development server.

IBM Lotus Symphony is an Office open source alternative suite that is intuitive and easy to use, which ensure access to documents well into the future with new standard file formats (ODF), and save existing investments with support for Microsoft