I sent the N97 back at the start of the week and now I am trying a Nokia E72.

First impressions are good, much better than than the N97 but ergonomically my trusty Blackberry 8310 is better

Image:Nokia E72 early impressions

Pros :

The E72 has SIP / VOIP so when I am in the office it rings just like an internal  desk phone – Blackberry take note !!!!
It has WiFi
V’s the N97 the keyboard is easier to use
V’s the BB it has Lotus Traveller which works great apart from the unread count and marking all read function
It feels pretty robust
The business card scanning application works surprisingly well

Cons :

The keyboard is better than the N97 but a lot worse than the 8310 – strange because they are the same size. With the BB there is actually space between the good sized flat keys but the Nokia keys are flush with each other and they are also strangley raised so that I end up typing with my fingernails rather than my fingers.

Considering the primary function of the device is a phone the number pad doesn’t really stand out enough

I keep wanting to touch the screen to do things – why can’ we have the best of both worlds

There is no way to see a list of unread emails permanently on the screen – the blackberry shows the last 3 or 4 fairly well

The front screen is not really very configurable, it can be configured but its not great

The back feels as though it is sprung loaded so it flexes and feels

Anyhow, its still he first day so the trial continues. …..