I recently had to replace the design on 130 applications with a new design. To do this I need to change the DesignTemplateName property ( property which for some reason is read only in LotusScript ).

I had tried the convert task  but it kept bombing out trying to create folders for categories – a feature of its intended use on mail files I guess. To replace the template name I used this great little bit of code from Daniel Alvers.

Once I had changed the template and run the design task I found that some of the old design elements persisted because they had the “Prohibit Design Refresh” flag set. I wrote an agent to scan through all of the databases on a given server and remove these flags for databases linked to a named template. You can download the agent as a database or as a LotusScript text file.

The agent will ask for the template name and the server. A log of what it has done is added to a blank memo form