Update : XPages has stopped working on the server that I applied this fix to. This may be a total red herring and specific to my server but I though I should mention it. The server was 853 FP3 and I went to FP3 FP6 and then IF4. It is on CentOS and gets hacked about a bit as it is an internal dev server so it may not be typical. i will look at it again tomorrow. For now I have reinstalled 853 and all seems well – apart from no TLS obviously
Just deployed FP6 IF 4 to a production grade system and all went well – < 10 mins down time


IBM has released fix packs to allow SMTP mail to be routed via TLS 1.0 rather than SSL V3 to eliminate the Poodle vulnerability. It is very straight forward to apply. The fix pack also covers HTTP traffic too so no more Apache Reverse Proxy servers unless you want them for other reasons.
This is the 853 FP6 IF4 release – http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21663874
Interestingly today we had our first emails that were being rejected by recipients because of SSL V3 so this is very timely.
Many thanks IBM.