Over the last week or so I have been moving to using an Apache server in front of my Domino servers. This has been working really well until I had a problem with Mark Leusink’s Auto Login’s module
The code includes some code that calls a url constructed as
The Apache rewrite engine returns this as
whereas Domino would normally return
The solution ( via Tytus Kurek )  is to use the NE attribute in the rewrite rules as shown below.
This attribute preserves special characters such as ? and &
Interestingly in examining what was going on it does seem as though url is being called using HTTP rather than the HTTPS protocol – I need to look into that further. This does mean that the attribute needs to be added to both the httpd.conf and the /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf files. I have updated my posts from the weekend.
Hopefully this change will not affect any other functionality – I will post if it does.