Amazon EC2 – good and bad

Some of you may have noticed that the site has just been down for about 25 minutes.

I decided to make a new AMI ( basically a template ) of the running server now that it has FP3 and for some reason doing this took the server down – its probably in the small print somewhere.

I had to terminate the instance to get the data volume back under my control but I was then able to bring up a new server and switch the IP address within another 10 minutes. While I was at it I brought a bigger server up.

I had been updating the AMI so that I could create a temporary cluster to move from a small server to a larger server seamlessly – something I’ll need to try another time !

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We didn’t sell Lotus Notes but we used Notes to make a customer 30% more efficient over £12M of work since 2002

Following the suggestion that we should all have a theme on the value that users get from Notes I thought that I would mention this one.

It is a Notes application that we have been developing with ABB since 2002 and which Ed Brill has mentioned before. Our customer has now been good enough to quantify the benefits, hence the quote on the first page.

“Working with FoCul has delivered quality and efficiency improvement to our consultancy processes and services, whilst retaining the ability to customise work processes at short notice to meet specific customer needs

The benefit has been a 30% efficiency saving, allowing ABB to deliver over