My colleague Andrew Champion is doing a presentation at BLUG on Friday about his journey from being a Notes Developer to being and XPage developer.

I am helping out but it is very much about Andrews personal journey and his advice to other Notes developers who are about to start the journey or who have already started and would like to share experiences.

I would highly recommend the recommend the presentation to aspiring XPage developers. It will demonstrate the challenges that Andrew faced, how he worked around the issues and will show you the results of his efforts.

We will be using examples from a number of XPage projects that we have delivered. As you can see from the diagram below it was been a long journey but one which has been very successful and enjoyable despite the challenges.

It is not a deep dive into any one topic but rather the “lonely planet” guide to your journey that we would have loved before we started.

If you are a developer new to XPages I would also highly recommend Howard Greenberg’s XPages Jump Start on Monday. If you are a customer, consultant or  manager  I would also recommend my talk on the Business Value of XPages on the Monday too.

Image:Andrews Presentation at BLUG

Image:Andrews Presentation at BLUG