We upgraded some servers to nomad Web 1.07 over the weekend but had to revert to 1.06 after a bug appeared.
On first inspection it looked like a reader / author field issue but it was not.

This HCL Knowledge article describes a very similar problem in 12.02 , albeit in XPages.
The symptoms are the same in Nomad i.e. empty categories.
The suggest workaround of using DISABLE_REFIND_IN_READENTRIES=1 did not work
The issue is still open.

This community article also describes a very similar issue and this article describes something similar but subtly different too. This was resolved in 12.0.2 FP1 which has not been released yet. I have also previously blogged about another view problem in 11 –  XPage View Bug in Domino 11.01 FP5 HF12

View robustness, an absolutely fundamental requirement, seem to be challenging.


Update :

HCL wanted a reproduceable example so I have added it here in case anyone else needs it. This is the database