Blog partially reskinned – I hate IE

I will post more about this but I am part way through reskinning this blog as part of a project to re-develop our company web site.

It works great in Firefox but IE is not so good – reminds me of this graph

Firebug is just brilliant

Click on the comments button to see the old style

Image:Blog partially reskinned - I hate IE


Fix for Noteshound breaking Notes 8.02 when installed

I installed Noteshound 7.1.0 on my machine yesterday with Notes 8.0.2. when I went to restart Notes it wouldn’t work. Worse still a standard  un-install and re-install didn’t work either so I had to go and delete the folders manually – all in all I lost a couple of hours of work time.

I put in a support request to Noteshound and Ken Haggmann came back very quickly this morning. After some troubleshooting he deduced that the “Install right-click option” was causing the problem. This adds the following line to the notes.ini file


Once this line is removed Notes can be restarted although the Noteshound right click option will not be available.

The right-click option is installed by default

Image:Fix for Noteshound breaking Notes 8.02 when installed

It does make you think that with so much change going on with the Notes clients at the moment that it must be a challenging time for ISVs who are integrating deeply into the Notes client as opposed to using standard Notes functionality

Displaying all of your Image Resources in a view easily

an extension to Martin’s database

Image:Displaying all of your Image Resources in a view easily

Image Resources can now ( version 6 ? ) be displayed in views. This has quite a few possibilities including showing thumbnails in the corporate directory which I will post later but for now I have posted this example which builds on an icon database by Martin Vereecken.

I have added an agent called “Create documents for Image Resources” which will cycle through the design elements and create a Notes Document for each of the image resources – this then allows them to be displayed in the view. I have also added two views for this purpose, the first is a flat view and the second a twistied view where the categorisation is based on the image resource name

The code is in the .lss file at the end and I have also added a copy of Martins database with the agent added.