We have had a spike in help desk calls with general “oddness” in one of our XPage applications. This has been triggered by an upgrade to the Domino server that included a new CKEditor version.
It seems as though Chrome ( possibly other browsers ) cache the old CKEditor files in the browser and these are not compatible with the new server version.
Users of the XPage in edit mode see the following malformed page even after several days.
The immediate solution is to get the user to delete their cache – not an easy task nor one that presents a good impression as a service provider 🙁
Users can do this by using CTRL _+ SHIFT + DELETE and then selecting the following options
Allowing the user to use the default settings will make you very unpopular as they will loose lost of useful cached history.
I tried the simple delete cookies option but that didn’t work.
Although this post focuses on the CKEditor we have experienced other “general weirdness” after upgrades. These are usually sorted after clearing the cache. Per Henrik Lausten has posted a good scheme to minimise these issues but he says it does not help with the CK Editor issue.
Presumably that would require IBM to change the resource names for each CK editor release although it does look as though at least some of the files do have a suffix that may be for that purpose
Changing the nsf file path will not help as the resources are served centrally as the highlighted blue detail shows.
If anyone has any better ideas or understanding of this please shout. It causes a lot of hassle and presents a poor impression when you need to tell people to clear the cache – especially when you are providing an external service.